We can help!

It’s been a tough year. Covid has hit many individuals and businesses exceptionally hard. But things are looking up. This week we saw the reopening of food and beverage services being able to serve indoors. This is a game-changer. We can finally go out and see our friends and family (even though numbers may still be limited) and catch up on our social time.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity in a different way?

Many have been working from home or furloughed, for long periods of time. I have had many conversations with clients who would like to show their loved ones how much they appreciate their patience with them with the ultimate question…

“Will you marry me?”

But how will you know what sort of a ring would seal the deal? 

Maybe we could use this newfound freedom to do some digging. Questions can be asked without the risk of giving away your intentions. You may not need to ask any questions at all.

Book a table at a restaurant. Maybe somewhere you’ve never been before but thought or discussed going to. Make sure you have a few days notice for your significant other.

Chances are that this is the first opportunity to get dressed up in all of your finest things.

This could be the first time you've both put on a watch, worn earrings, bracelets or other favourite jewellery items in a long while.

This is your first indicator as to what feels special. What colour is the metal? Is there subtle stones in the design or is it big bold bling? Make mental notes of the choices that are made.

Better still, take pictures! What better excuse is there to get a good selfie together or a full-length shot of the masterpiece that is your date for the night.

If you find the hints made from these combinations overwhelming, never fear. Bring in your pictures and we can help break down some product ideas using what you know as a guide.

More than one date night will also go down well with the other half, and simultaneously increase the information you can gather.

We can combine what you know about your partner’s preferences, together with our expertise and experience. From here we can guide you through the selection process until you find the ring that says it all.

The next hurdle could be knowing the right size. Maybe speak to a friend of theirs and get them to plan a spontaneous shopping trip where they may try on jewellery items or just get their fingers measured for curiosity's sake. If getting this information proves more difficult, we have the answer.

Many rings can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, and our stock items are in limited sizes. However, knowing that we can resize this for you free of charge takes the pressure away from getting it right.

Buy the ring, pop the question, and once the tears of joy have subsided, you can both come to us and we can get that put right. We can also share in your joy by meeting the lucky recipient. We can’t wait to meet you.